Woolly Mammoth Tusk Ivory Reversable Pendants:

Ivory inlay consists of ammolite, lapis, malachite, turquoise, sugulite, rhodochrosite, red coral, amber, gold nuggets, and finished with a 14K Gold Bale. Each piece is unique and may not have all items listed. Pendants are as pictured, and come with an info card and unconditional lifetime guarantee. These Mosaic Pendants are created and individually signed by Artist Tom Chant. They are an original art object of lasting value and elegance.

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Mammoth Pendant #001

40mm(inc. gold bale) x 29mm x 5mm approx.

 Mammoth Pendant #002

42mm(inc. gold bale) x 24mm x 5mm approx.

Pendant #003

40mm(inc. gold bale) x 30mm x 5mm approx.

Pendant #004

43mm(inc. gold bale) x 24mm x 5mm approx.

Pendant #005

30mm(inc. gold bale) x23mm x 5mm approx.

Pendant #006

50mm(inc. gold bale) x 21mm x 5mm approx.